DYN Charter

We the trust of DYN, a Top Level Domain known further as a TLD of OpenNIC, agree that this document will constitute our bylaws and reference in matters concerning the DYN TLD.

A member is defined as the primary individual who administers one or more domains under the TLD of DYN.


DYN will be a TLD that is designed to resolve host names to dynamic Internet Protocol addresses, which usually are a result of the respective Internet Service Provider. Non-dynamic IP addresses also known as static IP addresses may be used.


Individuals may apply for domains through email until a web-based method is created. Domains may not be used for spam or any other illegal purpose. Violations of this policy will first be notified of a warning and then removal from the TLD of DYN.

Domains are first-come, first-served except for domains that are required by OpenNIC.

Domains under DYN must maintain their hosts. Non-resolving domains and hosts may be subject to deletion if unused.

The ultimate control of DYN will be given to those who control the master servers of DYN.

Notice: The hostmaster of DYN reserves the right to make changes to this charter without notification.
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