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@@===Need help?===@@
Visit [[TheLounge | the lounge]] for ways to get help with all aspects of OpenNIC.

@@===""OpenNIC"" nameservers===@@
{{closestt2servers number="4" nosrc="1"}}
@@**For a list of nameservers ordered by distance [[ClosestT2Servers | click here]]. For a complete list of DNS servers along with information about each one, see [[ |]].**@@
@@===DNS Wizards===@@
Interested in modifying your DNS settings to access OpenNIC servers? Try one of the wizards! (We are always looking for more wizards on other platforms...if interested in developing one, please [[|contact us]].)
/* ~- ""Win32/Win64""([[|Neo's OpenNIC Installer]]) */
~- Android ([[|SetDNS]]) Please consider supporting the developer of this app by downloading the [[|SetDNS Pro]] version!
Want to see what OpenNIC is all about? Access via an OpenNIC proxy (use the search engines below to start your journey).
@@===Server Management/Status Reports===@@
~- [[Tier1 | Master Pool (Tier 1) Servers]]
~~- [[ | Status]]
~- [[Tier2 | Public Access (Tier 2) Servers]]
~~- [[ | Status]]
~~- [[Tier2Status | Status (wiki mirror)]]
~~- [[Tier2 | Register new T2 server]]
~~- [[Tier2 | Modify or delete existing T2 server]]
~- [[AutomatedDnsServerTesting | Tier1/Tier2 Testing]]
@@===OpenNIC Search Engines===@@
~- [[http://grep.geek | grep.geek]]
~- [[http://bithunt.bit | bithunt]]
@@===[[WorkingGroups | Working Groups]]===@@
~& If you are interested in volunteering to help with one of the working groups below, please contact the group coordinator.
""<div style='background-color:aqua'>
~- ArchitectureWG
~- AuditingWG
~- FoundationWG
~- HostmasteringWG
~- PublicRelationsWG
~- WebmasteringWG
~- [[TranslationWG | TranslationWG]]
~- VotingWG
@@===[[OpenNICCharter | OpenNIC Charter]] ([[OpenNICCharterAnnotated | annotated]])===@@
~- [[TLDPolicy | TLD Governing Policy]]
~- [[MailingListPolicy | Mailing List Policy]]
~- [[HostmasteringPolicies | HostmasteringWG operating policy]]
~- [[DNSSRVOperation | OpenNIC DNS Policy ]]
@@===Guidelines and Specifications===@@
~-[[RegisteringATLD | Proposing and Creating new TLDs through OpenNIC]]
~- [[AnOpenNICProject | Running an OpenNIC Related Project]]
~- [[RunningT1 | Running a Tier1 OpenNIC Server]]
~- [[Tier2ServerConfig | Running a Tier2 OpenNIC Server]]
~- [[SigningTheOpenNICkey | Signing the OpenNIC key]]
@@===Miscellaneous Documents===@@
~- [[OpenActionItems | Action Items]]
~- [[FAQ | OpenNIC FAQ]]
~- [[Drafts | OpenNIC Draft Area]]
~- [[AbusiveISPs | Abusive ISPs]]
~- [[|Iniqua security evaluation of OpenNIC servers]] ([[|es]])
~- [[|]]
~- [[|Torrentfreak Article]]
@@===Other Information===@@
- [[TheLounge | How to get help]]
- [[ | OpenNIC Public Information and Jump-off Point]]
- [[OpenNICNamespaces | Current OpenNIC TLDs]]
- [[WikiUsers | Wiki Who's Who]]
- [[OpenNICArchives | OpenNIC Archives]]
- [[OpenNICprojects | OpenNIC Projects]]
- [[ | Mailing List Archive]]
- [[InternalCompetence | Programming Tips & Tricks]]
- [[LinksOfInterest | Links of Interest]]

@@=====Welcome to the{{image class="center" alt="OpenNIC logo" title="OpenNIC logo" url="images/logo2.png"}}""OpenNIC"" Wiki=====@@
===What is OpenNIC?===

OpenNIC is a user controlled Network Information Center offering a democratic and non-national alternative to the traditional Top-Level Domain registries. In case you were looking for them, traditional TLDs are currently served by [[ | Network Solutions]] with policies set by [[ | ICANN]].

Use of OpenNIC DNS servers, will allow host name resolution in [[LegacyDNS | the Legacy U.S. Government DNS]], [[SponsoredTLDs | OpenNIC operated namespaces]], and those namespaces with which the [[OpenNIC]] has peering agreements.

===This wiki... === an access controlled work area for OpenNIC working groups (WGs). In accordance with [[OpenNIC]]'s open access philosophy, working group notes are world-readable. Write access to the various WG areas is however limited only to participants (in order to provide a high signal-to-noise ratio). For more information on how to use this wiki, see: WikiCategory first, and then: CategoryWiki.

**If you would like to register an account, please contact the wikimaster (brian at opennicproject dot org).**

===How you can [[http://wiki.opennic.glue/OpenNICprojects | help]]...===

The main thing anyone can do to help is to become a member. Sign up at and join our mailing list! The other great thing you can do to help is to spread the word, even if you don't use our TLDs our DNS network is still the quickest around!

To volunteer assistance with any of these tasks, please enter your name on the relevant project page, then make contact with other team members! These and other 'side projects' are listed at [[OpenNICprojects | OpenNIC Projects]]. Once the above tasks are near completion, more will be posted. **NB** Project areas are currently limited in order to allow timeous forward progress. Should you perchance have ideas for future projects though, please, do get in touch. We are always open to suggestions.

===Need help getting started?===

There are plenty of OpenNIC folks available to help with whatever problem you may be having with an OpenNIC server, setup to resolve OpenNIC TLDs, volunteering to set up a Tier 2 server, etc. Please use one of the following contact methods (listed in order of preference). The OpenNIC administrators monitor all of these, and you'll usually receive a response within hours.
~- Post a message to the [[MailingLists | "discuss" mailing list]]
~- Find help on the IRC channel (#opennic on freenode)
~- Send us an email at [[]]

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