Mailing List Policy

The mailing list has been created for the OpenNIC community as a means of communicating technical and non-technical discussions about OpenNIC. If you have any other questions, you may contact the list owners at

Code of conduct
When using the OpenNIC mailing list, please follow these rules:


(a) Don't quote 50 lines of text and add one line to it. Quote what is necessary to maintain context, but don't overdo it;

(b) Keep your signatures and disclaimers short. It's no fun seeing signatures that are longer than your posts;

(c) Please don't post in HTML format - it tends to annoy people who read with text mode clients

Advertising on any OpenNIC related mailing list is prohibited. Any person sending such mails will be blocked from posting to any OpenNIC mailing list.


Please make sure that if you do use an autoresponder, it's configured to not autorespond to list e-mail. If it does, your list membership will, in all probability, be suspended until it's fixed.
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