On this section you will find the AuditingWG team's workboard. Any relevant information will be posted here, and will help keep you up to date with what we are up to.

The Audit team has decided to use a package named Nagios [0] for the auditing backend. We
believe that Nagios is the perfect package to use, as it gives us more power to montior the
Opennic network, and pinpoint problems more accurately.

By using Nagios, we are now able to let the system email the appropriate teams in case of a
failure, and then send a follow up email when the system returns to normal.

So as you can see, the finished system is going to be very powerful in regards to reporting and
monitoring the overall health of the OpenNIC network.

What is Nagios
Nagios is a host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do. It has been designed to run under the Linux operating system, but works fine under most *NIX variants as well. The monitoring daemon runs intermittent checks on hosts and services you specify using external "plugins" which return status information to Nagios. When problems are encountered, the daemon can send notifications out to administrative contacts in a variety of different ways (email, instant message, SMS, etc.). Current status information, historical logs, and reports can all be accessed via a web browser.

But what features does it offer?
Nagios has a lot of features, making it a very powerful monitoring tool. Some of the major features are listed below:

To Do

How you can help?
We need monitoring hosts all over the globe to keep an acurate watch on the OpenNIC network. You can help by setting up your own nagios host. There are detailed instructions that walk you through the install process. Also, on the side bar are the configuration files you need to have the system setup to monitor the OpenNIC network. Once setup, please email julian <at> jdcomputers.com.au the details of the server, I.E the location and IP.

The best help anyone can offer is by using OUR dns servers. Help support OpenNIC and spread the word.

[0] - http://www.nagios.org

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