Top-Level Domains published and maintained by OpenNIC

These are the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) which are currently being served by OpenNIC, are being constructed with the approval of OpenNIC or which have been proposed to OpenNIC. There are links to the appropriate Web and email contacts for those which are currently accepting domain name registrations.

If you would like to contribute to the project by taking responsibility for organizing a new TLD, please see the Registering A TLD page.

Shared Top-Level Domains

TLD Description
.glue .glue is for Internal Architectural use: a shared TLD, used by each alternate root who joins us in a mutual-peering collaborative root system.

Current Top-Level Domains

TLD Contacts Registrar Website Description Charter
.bbs Dustin Souers (texnofobix)
register.bbs .bbs is aimed toward Bulletin Board System servers, and BBS affiliated/related/owned websites. Bulletin Board System being defined as an actual telnet accessable server, or by a website with the features typical of a BBS - Message bases, Email, Chat, etc... The TLD should also allow for BBS information, support, or promotion websites. Seeing as some BBS systems are pay to cover their bills, this TLD should allow for commercial systems. dotBbsTLD
.chan opennic.chan dotChanTLD
.dyn Jeff Taylor
reg.dyn Domains registered in .dyn serve as dynamic DNS pointers. These domains are restricted in functionality and require frequent validation to remain active. Unused domains will be removed after 28 days. dotDynTLD
.free Julian DeMarchi .free aims to encourage the non-commercial use of the free Internet and the existing and future Internet infrastructure. For-profit organizations are permitted to use the Free Internet but must uphold the policy of non-commercial use as detailed in the Acceptable Use Policy. dotFreeTLD
.fur ph3-der-loewe www.nic.fur .fur It's purpose in life, quite simply ( but not exclusively ), is to bring a unique identity to Furries, Furry Fandom and other Anthropormorphic interest websites across the internet. dotFurTLD
.geek Julian DeMarchi .geek is chartered for use by Geek-oriented sites. Appropriate sites can include anything of a personal or hobbyist nature that would be considered "geeky". This description is deliberately vague to reflect the huge range of interests that might qualify. dotGeekTLD
.gopher Brian Koontz
register.gopher .gopher is chartered for use by sites offering content via the gopher protocol and is intended to showcase existing gopher sites as well as foster the establishment of new sites. Sites hosted on a .gopher domain should not serve content via any other protocol. Commercial or non-commercial entities may register .gopher domains. Multiple registrations by a single entity are permissible provided multiple qualifying uses exist. DotGopherTLD
.indy Julian DeMarchi .indy is a namespace intended for the use of the organizations and individuals of the independent media and arts. The definition is flexible. Corporate media outlets that seek to support the OpenNIC ethos may also apply. Historical information is available here and the original Charter document here dotIndyTLD
.neo Neo
register.neo .neo is a general purpose TLD. In a perfect world, the content of domains using this TLD would lean towards themes present in the 'emo subculture' with influences of technology, music and other forms of multimedia. dotNeoTLD
.null Julian DeMarchi .null is a DNS version of Usenet's alt. hierarchy. .null is declared as completely non-commercial and only natural persons (lawyer-speak for "no corporations; actual physical people only") may hold .null subdomains, As a non-commercial domain, .null subdomains may not be transferred for compensation. DotNullTLD
.o Jonah Aragon .o is a general purpose domain for establishing a presence in the OpenNIC network. Available for any non-abuse purposes, commercial or non-commercial. dotOTLD
.oss Jeff Taylor
reg.oss .oss is reserved exclusively for Open Source Software projects. dotOssTLD
.oz Mario Rodriguez opennic.oz dot OZ is the TLD (Top Level Domain) custom made for Australians, but still available to everyone. dot OZ is targeted to those who may want a domain with the cultural association with Australia, but without the requirements of, or registrations. dotOzTLD
.parody Jeff Taylor
reg.parody This domain is a venue for non-commercial parody work. The important piece of this domain is that a dedicated parody TLD will remove any legitimacy from parody targets' to claims that a parody site could be mistaken for the business site and thus be an infringement on their trademarks. dotParodyTLD
.pirate Travis McCrea (TeamColtra) Jeff Taylor A free TLD for freedom and sharing because when doing what's right is wrong, we are all pirates. DotPirateTLD

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