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OpenNIC provides resolution of select other alternative DNS roots.

DNS Root TLDs Provided Registrar Website Description
New-Nations .uu .ti .te .ku Provides TLDs for nations or people that are not recognized by the international community. The TLDs they currently provide are .ti for Tibet, .uu for Uigur People, .te for Tamil Eelam, and .ku for Kurdish People.
FurNIC .fur register.fur TLD to bring a unique identity to Furries, Furry Fandom and other Anthropormorphic interest websites across the internet. FurNIC and OpenNIC work closely, with .fur being treated as part of OpenNIC.
Namecoin .bit Namecoin Client TLD which uses the Namecoin system (decentralized open source information registration and transfer system based on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency). Access is provided through a Tier1 server which bridges the DNS system and Namecoin.
Emercoin .coin, .emc .lib .bazar Emercoin Client Emercoin is a cryptocurrency that also has built-in support for DNS, providing a framework to store and maintain key->value pairs in its decentralized database.

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