Instructions provided by Alan Hodgson

1) Change into your dnscache root/servers directory.

	# cd /service/dnscache/root/servers

2) Replace your root servers file (root/servers/@) with the IP numbers of the Tier1 servers, obtained by using dnsq to query the Tier0 IP number (this step can be done manually, as well).

	# cp -f @ /tmp/@.saved
	# dnsq ns . [Server IP number] | grep -iv ns0.opennic.glue \
	  | awk '{ if (/^additional/) print $5}' > /tmp/
	# cat /tmp/

3) If it looks okay (i.e. a list of IP addresses), replace the file.

	# mv -f /tmp/ @

4) Restart dnscache

	# svc -t /service/dnscache

5) Verify that it's working

	# dnsip www.opennic.glue
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