Windows 2012

This guide assumes you have a working Windows Server already installed.

1. Open the server manager
Server Manager
2. Choose add roles and features
3. Choose role-based or feature-based installations
Add role
4. Choose the server you are interested in.
Select Server
5. Choose DNS server
Select DNS
6. Accept all of the other defaults and install
7. When it is finished, go to the Start menu and choose DNS Manager
8. In the DNS manager, right click on your server name and choose Properties
DNS Config
9. In the properties dialogue, click Root Hints.
10. Delete ALL of the default servers.
11. At the bottom, click "Copy from Server" and input a T1 IP which you can find here.
12. Click apply and then test it here.
13. If all passes, you are free to add it to the Tier2 list!
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