Windows Server 2016 Tier 2 DNS

This guide assumes you have Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter with GUI installed. If you are running a Core installation you will need to install Remote Server Administrator Tools on a separate Windows machine.

This guide also assumes you have the DNS Server role installed.

Note: These instructions require manual edits to be made as OpenNIC TLDs are added/dropped. However this is a rare occurrence.
  1. Open DNS Manager from within Server Manager or search for it from the start menu.
  2. Right click Forward Lookup Zones and click New Zone.
  3. New Zone
  4. Select Secondary Zone for the zone type:
  5.  (image:
  6. Set the zone name to "." (without quotes). This will create the root zone as a secondary (slave) zone on your server.
  7. Under Master Servers, enter the IP addresses of one or more Tier1 Servers. A list of Tier1 servers can be found on our server listing page.
  8.  (image:
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Repeat Steps 2-6 for each zone OpenNIC hosts (steps are identical except for changing the zone in Step 4 to any OpenNIC TLD). All the zones you need to make (as of Dec 2016)
    • bbs
    • bit
      • Note: The master server for .bit should be set to (ns9)
    • chan
    • dns.opennic.glue
    • dyn
    • free
    • fur
    • geek
    • gopher
    • indy
    • neo
    • null
    • o
    • opennic.glue
    • oss
    • oz
    • parody
    • pirate
  11. After completing the above steps, you should now have a list of secondary zones on your server, one for each OpenNIC TLD and the root zone. Configuration should be complete!
  12.  (image:

Now that your configuration is complete, you should be able to resolve OpenNIC domains and ICANN domains from your DNS server, no forwarding or root hints required! If your DNS server is publicly accessible you can test it by inputting your Public IP address here.
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