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Configuring Your Tier 2 Server

A tier-2 server can be used for both public and private DNS lookups, including OpenNIC and ICANN domains.

Recommended minimum system:
When considering if you wish to set up a public tier-2 server for the OpenNIC project, please keep the following points in mind:

Available Configuration Options

There are a number of configuration methods available, and the benefits of each method should be considered when setting up your own service.

Consider using the BIND root-hints method if you want:
Consider using the BIND slaved zone method if you want: Note that this method requires manual updates when new TLDs are created or dropped.

Consider using the BIND automated method if you want: srvzone script by Jeff Taylor
Tier2Config-Script by Alejandro Marquez (since 2015-10-09 the host needed for this method is down)
opennicZoneScript by Jeff Taylor (This procedure and script no longer work)

For those who prefer DJBDNS, please refer to the DJBDNS guide.

For those who prefer Unbound, please refer to the Unbound guide.

For Debian OS users, AlejandroMarquez has contributed this set of scripts. (since 2015-10-09 the host needed for this method is down)

For Windows server users, please select from your version:


After you have finished configuring your new server, the following information may be helpful...

There is not much to running a OpenNIC Tier2 server. Once you have it configured, the AuditingWG will monitor it, and let you know via email if anything goes wrong along the way. You can also expect to use a few gig of bandwidth each month of DNS traffic; this varies on how much your DNS server is used.

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