The Webmastering WG is responsible for maintaining the 6+ main websites for the OpenNIC project:
  2. http://www.opennic.glue
  3. http://wiki.opennic.glue
  4. - Soon to be defunct.

Indirectly, we are also the historians for the group, responsible for preserving the history of OpenNIC and ensuring continued access to OpenNIC artifacts by people who may be interested. Historical links and other artifacts can be found in the archives.

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Info: This site is intended to be a static page with one main purpose: Introduce people to the OpenNIC project so they can apply a step-by-step process and start using the alt-root via OpenNIC.


Where: http://wiki.opennic.glue ... also ...

Info: The Wiki is the Developers/Admins site. "This is where we make the medicine." -- Scare Crow

Currently, the wiki is hosted by Julian (thanks!) and is maintained by both Julian and Brian; Avo has sudo-access. The wiki is powered by WikkaWiki, and is open for contributions from all interested parties. Questions about the wiki can be directed to either Julian or Brian. Brian is active on the wiki development team.


Some more work on the logo??? (richard 2012-12-19)

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