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BIND9 Access Control Lists API

Administrators running open Tier 1 and Tier 2 servers may wish to make use of the automatically-generated ACL file. This file is a BIND-formatted ACL which has listings for Tier 1 addresses, Tier 2 addresses, and whitelisted user IP addresses. Each list may be combined as desired to control access to your server. ACL lists have been supported since BIND 8.2.1.

If you are a Tier 1 or Tier 2 administrator and need access to this feature, please contact Shdwdrgn on the mailing list or IRC. Once you have access, you may log in to the members page and you will be shown a wget command with your username and a hash key for authentication:

wget -qO- "https://api.opennicproject.org/acl/bind/?user=myUser&auth=myHash"
curl "https://api.opennicproject.org/acl/bind/?user=myUser&auth=myHash"

There is also an SHA256 hash provided to validate the information you receive. The hash may be accessed in the same manner as the ACL file:

wget -qO- "https://api.opennicproject.org/acl/hash/?user=myUser&auth=myHash"
curl "https://api.opennicproject.org/acl/hash/?user=myUser&auth=myHash"

The hash can be calculated in linux as follows:

sha256sum <acl-file.name>

Complete automation may be achieved by calling the following script as a cron job. It only updates when a new file is available, so you should check it at least every 1-5 minutes.



curl -sR "https://api.opennicproject.org/acl/bind/?user=$USER&auth=$AUTH" -z $FILE -o $DIR/$FILE -w %{http_code} | if [ "${*:-`cat`}" == "200" ]; then /usr/sbin/rndc reload; fi

You will need to include this file in your named.conf configuration. Please note that you cannot put this in the options section of named.conf; if you do you will get an unknown option 'acl' error! Just place it anywhere outside of the named sections:

include "/etc/bind/OpenNIC.acl"

To include these ACLs in BIND9, you could add something like the following to the appropriate named.conf or view:

allow-recursion {
	opennic_T0; opennic_T1; opennic_T2;
	opennic_whitelist; localhost;
allow-query {
	opennic_T0; opennic_T1; opennic_T2;
	opennic_whitelist; localhost;
allow-query-cache {
	opennic_T0; opennic_T1; opennic_T2;
	opennic_whitelist; localhost;
allow-transfer {
	opennic_T0; opennic_T1; opennic_T2;
	opennic_whitelist; localhost;
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