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Falk Husemann Blog 2012-05-15 OpenNIC ist ein nicht-kommerzielles Projekt, dass alternative DNS Server zur Verfügung stellt.
New.Net 2007-07-20 While several such nonstandard TLDs are currently implemented by a number of organizations and under consideration by ICANN, this particular implementation [] smacks of an attempt to overthrow more legitimate pioneers of alternate domain-names (e.g. OpenNIC, AlterNIC).
Gladiator Security Forum 2007-07-05 I tried with some of those servers from the OpenNIC website and no pages would load at all.
Neowin 2007-03-13 DNS has always been open source. And OpenNIC existed LONG before OpenDNS, and noone EVER mentioned them. In fact, to my knowledge, OpenNIC never did the bs “sitefinder” crap OpenDNS does. They also have more DNS servers in more countries. OpenDNS is nothing special.
Zac Bowling’s Blog 2006-05-29 I love how OpenNIC's website referes to anything ICANN as legacy, and OpenNIC is open to partnerships to run your own top level root. Might submit a proposal for a .mono root later and host it. Maybe not Cute thought though.
Mises Economics Blog 2005-04-01 Fortunately, there are alternatives to ICANN: namely, OpenNIC. Unfortuantely, people are already arguing that the State should bring alternate domain name authorities under regulation, or eliminate them. One justification used for this is that these alternatives may create “collisions” with ICANN, where they create a .com domain-name that collides with ICANN's .com domain-name.
SitePoint 2004-08-12 Definitely worth a browse to see how some communities on the Internet remain independent and centralized around users.
NewsFactor Network 2002-11-25 For many users, the concept of using an alternate DNS system might sound a bit dodgy, but reaching OpenNIC's namespace is not as hard as one might think. All you need to do is add one or more of OpenNIC's DNS servers to your operating system's DNS list. Once you have set up your OS to use an OpenNIC nameserver, reaching sites within its namespace is a transparent process.
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