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-The link in the box returns your current IP which is then set as the A-record for your *.dyn domain. 
-So if you run a webserver like Apache on your local machine, the .dyn domain should be served without much fuss. 
-Update your IP with copy + paste of the API link. This works essentially like a regular dynamic-address DNS-tool. 
-So save the link as a bookmark for manual surfing - or better - call the URL via **curl** automatically upon address change or using some other automated scheme.  
-The A-record returns a 32-bit IPv4 address, most commonly used to map hostnames to an IP address of the host, but it is also used for DNSBLs, storing subnet masks in RFC 1101, etc.. 
-This is an API call available for the  *.dyn  Toplevel-domains such as    http://web.dyn 
-reload the wiki page to see the fresh entry. The A-record gets updated upon hitting button "**UPDATE**" .      
-"Load this URI to register your IP" - helpful if your address changes after every router reset. 
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