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-====== Proposing and Creating new TLDs through OpenNIC ====== +====== New OpenNIC TLDs ======
-Within the OpenNIC, a Top-Level Domain is an independent administrative body, responsible for governing itself and maintaining its own resources. TLD administrative groups are free to administer the TLD however they choose, subject to these restrictions: +
-  * each TLD must run at least one Tier 1 server which mirrors the root data of all the OpenNIC TLDs +
-  * each TLD must have a web site at http://www.opennic.[TLD] for registration and administrative information +
-  * each TLD must have the following email addresses: +
-    * hostmaster@opennic.[TLD] +
-    * abuse@opennic.[TLD] +
-    * webmaster@opennic.[TLD] +
-  * each TLD must publish and enforce a Charter for that TLD, which can only conflict with OpenNIC Policies by vote of the OpenNIC membership. +
-  * unless specified in the TLD description and authorized by vote of the OpenNIC membership, the TLD governance must be democratic and allow one (and only one) vote to each real person holding a domain registration in that TLD+
-Here are the steps for creating a new OpenNIC TLD:+:!: As of November 15th, 2017, a new set of requirements for the creation of top-level domains has been issued. Please ensure you have read through this new page before proposing a new top-level domain.
-  join OpenNIC - at the moment this is accomplished by subscribing to the MailingLists Discussion email list +===== Prerequisites ===== 
-  * form an admin team - gather few other administrators to design and maintain the resources for the new TLD + 
-  * propose the TLD - choose a TLD name and write a description of how it will be used; write Charter for the new domain; post these to the discussion list +  You MUST have operated a Tier 2 DNS server continuously for at least 3 months, and said DNS server MUST be in operation while your TLD is being considered. 
-  * call for vote - at any point in the list'discussion of the proposal, any member may call for vote on the proposal; new TLDs will be established by collecting more than 50% of the votes cast (so if you don't like it, you'd better vote against it ...) +    * You should keep this DNS server in operation following the approval of your TLD. 
-  * launch make your DNS server(s) publicly available and start accepting registrations+  * You SHOULD have an administration team gathered. Your team can consist of as many people as needed, or single person, but it MUST be able to handle DNS Administration, Webmaster Related, and Abuse Report requests effectively. 
 +===== Building your TLD ===== 
 +BEFORE you begin a proposal, you MUST meet the following requirements: 
 +  * You MUST have an operational (unlisted) Tier 1 DNS server. This server must mirror the root data of the root “.” zone and all the zone data for each OpenNIC TLD. This server MUST pass the Tier 1 server test: 
 +  * You MUST have a website accessible at www.opennic.[TLD] with the following information: 
 +    * A copy of your charter (detailed below in this document) 
 +    * Information on how to register a new domain 
 +    * Administrative contacts 
 +  * You MUST accept and process emails to the following addresses, and they must be listed on your website detailed above. 
 +    * hostmaster@opennic.[TLD] — SHOULD be delivered to the DNS administration team for your TLD. 
 +    * abuse@opennic.[TLD] — SHOULD be delivered to your abuse handling team (dealing with spam, malware, or other charter violators) 
 +    * webmaster@opennic.[TLD] — SHOULD be delivered to the web presence team for your TLD. 
 +  * You MUST publish and enforce charter, which satisfies the following requirements: 
 +    * Your charter MUST clearly explain the purpose of your TLD (possibly including a brief description and/or examples of domains and content to be hosted) 
 +    * It MUST include a description of content that will not be allowed on your domain (for example: trademarked names, malware hosts) 
 +    * It SHOULD NOT conflict with existing OpenNIC policies. 
 +    * It SHOULD include descriptions on how amendments to your charter will be handled. If no amendment clauses are included, changes will be handled in accordance to the current OpenNIC voting policies. 
 +Additionally, you MUST meet the following requirements before proposing your TLD to the community: 
 +  * You MUST have process for users to register domains. Domain registrations SHOULD be provided free of charge, and an automated domain registration system is RECOMMENDED. 
 +===== Informal Discussions (Getting Feedback) ===== 
 +OPTIONALLY: You may wish to informally request feedback from the community and experienced members before pushing your TLD proposal to a formal discussion. While not required, it can help you prepare for your TLD proposal by satisfying some requests the community has before official judging. 
 +  * Consider starting a discussion on the #opennic IRC channel on Freenode to get faster feedback from some experienced members of the community. Make sure you stick around on the channel throughout the discussion to answer any questions some may have. 
 +  * You can also start new thread on the Mailing List with a brief description of your TLD, ensuring it is clear this is just an informal discussion on the matter. Make sure you are available to answer questions and take advice from the communitywhich you may be able to implement either technically or in your charter before a formal discussion. 
 +===== After you're all set ===== 
 +After you have satisfied ALL of the above requirements, you may proceed to submit your TLD for formal discussion and a vote. 
 +Start a discussion by sending an email to the Mailing List, with the subject line: “[DISCUSSION] ‘.{TLD}’ Proposal” (replacing {TLD} with your namespace). This email MUST include the following: 
 +  * A copy of the charter, which may be pasted in-line, linked to, or attached as a PDF. If you choose to link to your charter, it MUST be accessible from a location other than your www.opennic.tld homepage, as no community members will be able to access that site prior to your TLD being approved. 
 +  * The IP address(es) of your Tier 1 server(s) that will be added following the approval of your TLD. 
 +  * Your OpenNIC Member username. 
 +NOTE: DO NOT send this email as a reply to another thread. You MUST start a discussion thread by sending a new message to 
 +After a minimum of 7 days following your discussion thread, you may begin a vote. A vote may be started by sending a new email (NOT a reply) to the Mailing List with the subject: “[VOTE] ‘.{TLD}’” 
 +The email MUST include the following: 
 +  * A deadline for votes, at least 7 days following the post date of your thread. This should be a clear date and time (in UTC). 
 +  * A linked or attached final copy of the charter.
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