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 +====== Mailing List Policies ======
 +===== Message Prefixes =====
 +For the sake of clarity, formal Mailing List threads MUST begin with the following prefixes, depending on the content of the message:
 +  * “[DISCUSSION]”,​ or “[PROPOSAL]” — For formal discussions or proposals of official policies or changes that will eventually lead to a vote.
 +  * “[VOTE]” — Indicates an official voting thread.
 +===== Voting Thread Formatting =====
 +Voting threads MUST include the following information:​
 +  * A deadline, at least 7 days following the post date of the voting thread. It must include a clear date and time (in UTC). Acceptable formats include, for example: “January 21st, 2018 at 8:00 PM UTC” or “2018-01-21,​ 20:00”.
 +  * A link to the original discussion thread, in the form of an archive link, for example: https://​lists.opennicproject.org/​sympa/​arc/​discuss/​2017-10/​msg00021.html. These links are accessible at https://​lists.opennicproject.org/​
 +  * A brief description of what the vote is on, and exactly what will happen depending on the outcome.
 +They SHOULD also include the following:
 +  * The subject line following [VOTE] should be the same as the subject line on your discussion thread.
 +  * The community’s options for voting, if not a simple YES/NO.
 +  * A timeline of when your vote will go into place, if not an immediate change. You may also wish to include reasoning why your proposal won’t enter into effect immediately,​ if applicable.
 +Following the vote, the original author of the thread MUST summarize the results in a reply, signifying the vote has closed. The closing email SHOULD be sent as close as possible to the posted deadline, but never before. The closing email MUST include the following:
 +  * A count of the votes, either briefly summarized or in a YES-NO format (for example: “The vote has ended with 9 YES votes and 12 NO votes”, or simply “9-12”).
 +  * A description of when the community should expect the proposal to be completely implemented.
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