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 +  - Open the server manager
 +  - Choose add roles and features
 +  - Choose role-based or feature-based installations
 +  - Choose the server you are interested in.
 +  - Choose DNS server
 +  - Accept all of the other defaults and install
 +  - When it is finished, go to the Start menu and choose DNS Manager
 +  - In the DNS manager, right click on your server name and choose Properties
 +  - In the properties dialogue, click Root Hints.
 +  - Delete ALL of the default servers.
 +  - At the bottom, click "Copy from Server" and input a T1 IP which you can find here.
 +  - Click apply and then test it here.
 +  - If all passes, you are free to add it to the Tier2 list!
 +FIXME We're missing images from the old wiki page, if anyone has copies/can make new images please do so!
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