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 ==== Unbound ==== ==== Unbound ====
-For those of you who prefer Unbound, an updated guide will be posted soon. [[http://web.archive.org/web/20160904020628/http://wiki.opennicproject.org:80/Tier2ConfigUnbound|Archived guide]].+For those of you who prefer Unbound, this is a [[:tier_2_unbound|sample Unbound setup]]. [[http://web.archive.org/web/20160904020628/http://wiki.opennicproject.org:80/Tier2ConfigUnbound|Archived guide]].
 ==== Windows Server ==== ==== Windows Server ====
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   * [[:bindloganon|BIND Logging Obfuscation]]   * [[:bindloganon|BIND Logging Obfuscation]]
   * [[opennic:tier2security|Tier 2 Security Measures]]   * [[opennic:tier2security|Tier 2 Security Measures]]
 +After checking all that, you can [[opennic:setup:listserver|list your server on servers.opennic.org]].
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