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 ==== TLS Certificates ==== ==== TLS Certificates ====
-There is an experimental acme server in place at [[https://playground.acme.libre]] to automatically obtain TLS certificates for servers under all OpenNIC (and currently also all ICANN and all peered) top level domains. +The current and planned deployment of TLS certificates for services running on OpenNIC domains is described and worked out [[opennic/TLS|here]].
-The trust anchor for these certificates can be downloaded [[https://playground.acme.libre/opennic_root_ca.crt|here]]. +
- +
-Note, that this is experimental in many regards: +
-  * The root CA is not yet 100% secured (the design is a work in progress). +
-  * The acme server runs experimental software. If you have any problems getting a certificate, feel free to contact [[|Erich Eckner]]+
 </columns> </columns>
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